Being a member of Prescott Area Young Professionals (PAYP) has been and continues to be a rewarding experience. I have been a PAYP member since 2014, and I am are thrilled to be involved with such a vibrant, connected, and quality organization. More importantly, PAYP played an active role at helping me establish relationships throughout the Prescott Area community and continues to allow me to meet other young professionals in the area. I value the opportunities PAYP continues to present with regards to their educational luncheons and networking events as well as their volunteer opportunities. I have truly enjoyed getting more involved in our community by volunteering with other young professionals. It allows me to give back to my community as well as get to know other PAYP members in a casual and interactive environment while working together for a common goal.

Ariana Bennett

Account Executive at Cable One Advertising, PAYP Member since 2014

I joined PAYP to get connected to other young professionals in the community and build some great connections for work. Yet being a member of PAYP turned into something more, as I met people who shared my passion to make an impact in our community. From networking and supporting each other’s businesses to volunteering together at community events, PAYP has proved to be a valuable part of my career and personal growth.

Alexis Miller

Community Outreach Coordinator, Stepping Stones Agencies, PAYP Member since 2016

I have been a PAYP member since 2015.  It has been a rewarding experience. Not only have I been able to connect with other young professionals, but the experience has contributed my career and personal growth.  It is a positive environment in which I always feel supported.  I value the opportunities for continuing education and serving our community.

Ann Steward

Marketing Coordinator at Capital Canyon Club, PAYP Member since 2015

I have been blessed to make amazing friends and strong business relationships thru PAYP. I also love that PAYP is service oriented. Together we are helping build the future of the Prescott Area.

Heather Reed

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, PAYP Member since 2015

I have enjoyed my years as a member of PAYP both for networking as well as volunteering.  PAYP has allowed me to meet a lot of people that I would not have otherwise had the pleasure to know.  When you work from home you lose the support of co-workers and it’s nice to find fellow young professionals to socialize with.  I enjoy the many different activities and community support that PAYP offers and look forward to a few more years in this great organization.

Breeanya Hinkel

Graphic Designer/Owner at BJH Designs and Associate Editor at Prescott Woman Magazine, PAYP Member since 2011