As a business owner in her early twenties, Danielle Rickert owned and operated three The UPS Stores and most people viewed her as successful on that fact alone.  However, she is like an onion, with many layers to peel back. She had a passion to be her own boss enabling her to dictate her own future.  What the future leads to is many adventures, fun new activities, flavorful foods, exotic travels, and quirky family tales.  One such adventure was starting fresh and relocating from Southern California to Prescott Arizona three years ago.

Today she dedicates her best efforts at Sir Speedy while participating in Prescott Area Young Professionals and serving on the Board of the Prescott Chamber. You may also find her LARP-ing (Live Action Role Playing, yes folks it’s real), surfing, hiking, and pretty much anything outside in nature.  The travel bug will take her to any exotic beach to try something new like kite surfing or even flying a plane.  Her Italian heritage has given her a true appreciation of food and she enjoys going to restaurants that unite flavors and health together.  She is someone who enjoys spending quality time meeting new and interesting people without judgement, and looks forward to building relationships with them.  Spending time with her family is a priority and she can often be found allowing her 7 year old niece to dress her up in clothes meant for an American Doll and makeup appropriate for a blind floozy, all while smiling and giving her niece a sense of pride in her styling efforts.

Though she may appear to be a modest, self-made successful business woman, she is way beyond her cover.  Come support her venture at the Sir Speedy Mixer/ Open House on September 14th @ 3pm.

Written with love by her little sister, Stephanie Hart.