After growing up in an artistic family here in Prescott, Arizona, and a short go at working for her brother in the Los Angeles movie industry, Sadie moved to Durango, Colorado to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and attend Fort Lewis College. While working toward her bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, Sadie also excelled in business and marketing classes, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. The timing of her education coincided with the global transformation to doing business online, which would tie Sadie directly into her future career at Sadie Sarti Design Co.

Sadie Sarti, Owner, Sadie Sarti Design Co.

After a couple years working for a fine-art printing company, Sadie’s next adventure would be motherhood. Built from the desire to work from home with her new baby boy, she began her career in graphic and website design as an independent contractor. Soon finding that she had a talent for helping businesses showcase their services in print and on the web, she quickly grew a portfolio of customers that helped her to thrive in her new venture.  A talent for computer technology, coupled with an eye for good design and branding, enabled Sadie to build up to a full design agency.  Today, Sadie’s business is located in downtown Prescott with four employees and over 150 active clients. Word of mouth and community connection have been vital to Sadie Sarti Design Co.’s success.

Community has always been important to Sadie. She has enjoyed being a member of Prescott Area Young Professionals (PAYP) since returning to Prescott in 2009.  PAYP has contributed to the success of Sadie Sarti Design Co. by connecting Sadie to new clients, facilitating great business conversations and providing learning opportunities. Sadie also helped found the Party in the Pines event in 2011 with other PAYP members. She designed the event logo that year and has helped with marketing materials for the event ever since. Many of Sadie’s clients are local non-profits and she enjoys helping them get the word out about what they offer and how they help the community we all enjoy.

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