We’ve all heard it. The disparaging commentary about ‘millennials in the workplace’. We’re lazy, we’re entitled, we demand free snacks and bean bags in the workplace. But what is the truth?

Join us for this pivotal event and ensure an authentic voice of the Young Professional Workforce is heard.

  • Why is it that over 30% of Yavapai County’s workforce chooses to live in our community but commutes 100+ miles to work?
  • Why are there 2600+ youth ages 16-24 that are not enrolled in school, and are also not connecting to jobs?
  • What will it truly take for Yavapai County employers to better understand our generation and create packages that appeal to the true environment we’re looking to work withi

To address this issue, Prescott Area Young Professionals is putting on an event and recruiting local young professionals to attend and share insight into (1) the truth about Millennial workforce needs; (2) the challenges they have faced in finding employment in Yavapai County; (3) the resources they use to seek employment in Yavapai County.

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