Zachary LeonardZachary Leonard, Board President, Kind Defined.

I have been proud to call Prescott home for the past six years. Having a bicoastal upbringing in southern California and Rhode Island, I have always enjoyed creating meaningful connections with a wide variety of people and value volunteerism and community service. When I’m not caring for the community as a Physician Assistant, I serve as board President for Kind Defined, a local non-profit founded here in Prescott. 

Kind Defined was established with a single purpose, to make this world a better place one act of kindness at a time. You may have noticed that as a society, we’ve lost focus on kindness and empathy, and that it’s difficult for even well educated adults to have a civil conversation about “hot button” topics. This is something I feel passionate about changing. Our mission is to motivate individuals to speak up for kindness by creating a community where everyone feels included, respected and heard. This is accomplished by empowering our youth to become leaders in kindness though camps and educational programs. We hope to develop kindness ambassadors who will make acts of kindness a regular part of their lives and will inspire others to do the same. We believe by doing this we create:

  • A culture of caring among youth.
  • Environments where bullying is looked down upon and stopped.
  • Less competitive and more cooperative social interactions.
  • Children who grow to be more empathetic and compassionate adults.

Will you consider becoming a kindness ambassador? Make a pledge to act kindly toward others. Please “like” Kind Defined on Facebook and check out for the latest information on events, camps, and workshops.