Jordyn Vixie is a professional photographer from Santa Barbara, California, where she graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Professional Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography.

She moved her business to Prescott Arizona when her boyfriend decided to finish his education at Embry Riddle University. Jordyn came across a vacant shop in the heart of downtown Prescott and after months of remodeling the studio, she opened her photography business in late March of 2016. Her studio’s walls display images from places she has visited all over the world. Jordyn enjoys capturing images of people and telling their stories but she also photographs weddings, families, products, architecture, food, events, underwater and much more.

Jordyn believes that, as a photographer, she should not limit herself to only one area of photography, but instead diversify her skill set and face new challenges head on. She loves her job and strives to give each client a product above their expectations. Jordyn particularly enjoys working with other small business’ within the Prescott area and helping them grow.

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