I am originally from a small town in Iowa called Osceola.  I met my wife Briana during our freshman year at the University of Iowa.  After college, in which I earned a degree in Network Management, we moved to Minneapolis so my wife could begin her work as a Registered Nurse.  While living in Minnesota we had our son Parker in 2015.

I began working for Target Corporate in 2013.  I work in Cyber Security, specifically Data Protection and Insider Threat.  I am currently a Systems Administrator.  My team’s main responsibility is to prevent cyber attacks and data theft coming from employees and contractors of Target.  We monitor all data leaving Target’s environment, as well as use predictive software paired with machine learning to predict if our users are going to attempt to steal data.

After 4 years of working for Target I was allowed to move to Prescott and work from home.  We moved to Prescott in July of 2017.  My wife’s parents have lived here since 2008 and have always loved visiting so when the opportunity arrived we made the move.  We are currently building a house that will be completed in May.  For the future, I hope to start up a small business centered around in-home Networking, Security, and IT support.  Initially I would keep my job and grow my new business in the afternoons.